Evangelene Jones- Creating A Moving Image

This is a blog following my making of a moving image. Its consists of my idea development, research and will show my working progress towards my finished piece!

Due to the lack of sun light when I had planned to do my prints I had to resort to using a UV light box. I found this a lot more convenient and made the whole process a lot easier for me.
I had to place my paper with the painted side facing the UV lights, with the negative facing the lights aswell. Set the timer to a chosen time and once done wash and dry.

These are the chemicals I will be painting onto my card ready for exposing my negatives.

These are my letters printed onto acetate plastic ready to start the cyanotype process. I purposely varied the size of my lettering as I wanted it to look homemade and not completely perfect.


Photos from behind the scenes of filming!


Photos throughout the editing process. I really like the colours and tones in these although I had to change them for the final film.

this is a low quality time lapse video that I made, experimenting with movement and how often id need to take a photo to prevent motion blur or trails. 

this is my model dressed up and ready to film. 

Styled by myself.

Wentwood Forest 

This is my chosen location, its a local National Trust forest that is only 15 minutes away. There is plenty of possible areas for me to shoot as the forest is spread out over hundreds or acres of land. 

By shooting here it won’t be cost effective and its only a short drive and is easily accessible if I needed to go back there.

I now know that I would like to shoot in a forest. I think the scenic views would look amazing if shot well. 

I really like the colours and tones in these photos. This kind of style is something I want to achieve in my own work. The time of day I shoot is the most important for my exposures. Ideally I would love to capture the sun shining/setting through the trees but I have also got to consider that I won’t be able to adjust my settings throughout the time lapse so getting it right in the beginning is important. The sun might glare and take a lot of focus off my subject, I don’t really want this. Also I don’t want to shoot too late as the light is less in the early evenings especially because the trees restrict a lot of the light.

I want to include a quote or message to either the start or end of my time lapse. I think this will make things easier to understand. I think by using a quote at the end rounds it off, if there was any confusion with my video hopefully what I’ve chosen sums it up. 

I like this quote as I feel what I’m hoping to achieve is different. This quote is a possible maybe to use but I don’t think it relates to my work in the way I would like it to.

This look would look great, the stereotypical smooth, sophisticated alpha male. I want my model to have confidence but not come over as arrogant. I want him to feel as though he can be anything he wants because he’s wearing these expensive designer clothes but the minute they’re removed we see another side to him, like he’s released and isn’t afraid to be different.

This is the sort of clothing I want my male subject to be wearing. I feel something like this would look better in my chosen forest location. I want him to be well dressed and groomed then slowly remove one bit of clothing at a time, as if he was removing a mask to show the real person inside. I want to get the message over that were all in the same skin, our clothing or style is just a luxury, not an essential. 

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.~Coco Chanel


I want my time lapse to be somewhere scenic, somewhere that as day passes the light will change and the mood will get a little more intense. I want to strip my model down to the bare minimum by removing their clothes, as if to say i was removing a mask, a costume that reveals their inner beauty, a way of seeing whats beneath the privado of a confident, smartly dressed person. The message I want to convey is that with clothes we are a completely different person, whether they are designer or value clothing off the high street. We are all the same underneath, and that what we wear shouldn’t/doesn’t reflect us as people unless we let it. 

I would like to use a man as my subject as I feel this will have more impact, its very rare I feel that a man really truly expresses himself so this would be good to see. Also by using a woman I feel it might look too provocative, not the look I want to achieve.

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